Hello, I'm Tom Beijner, Full-stack Developer Based in Sweden

Innovative programmer who strive to create projects that matter and to learn new technologies that can be used in programming. Has knowledge of several different programming languages and data structures.

I primarily work on projects using the programming language JavaScript with the runtime environment Node.js. I try to learn more programming languages like Rust or C++, where I would create simple projects to learn all the different usecases.

I started programing when I was 13, though I did not take it seriously until I was 16.


Collection of all my work

Link: https://mod.io/g/mordhau/m/guardian-anti-cheat

A anti‑cheat mod for the game Mordhau. Includes the mod (using Mordhau SDK) and a backend to manage the data sent from the mod. Tons of checks for values as well as checks to make sure the base checks are running, could be considered layers of an onion.

Node.js, UE4 (Mordhau SDK), Hapi.js, MongoDB

Link: https://metamod.tombeijner.com

A site for mod data such as MetaMod mod image files (which is for Mordhau) and custom game mode data. Authentication through Discord. API (mainly for MetaMod mods to retrieve data for mods used on the server). Dashboard to manage mod data (also acts as moderation), game modes, users and views the servers using the MetaMod mod. Role‑based access control.

Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB

Despa Leaderboard

This website is the upgraded version of NFD Leaderboard, it supports multiple servers (with connection with RCON) with seasons, donation pool, player statistics and authentication of the third party services Steam and Discord. Dynamic was one of the main points when the site was created, so based on configuration, the site will dynamically create instances and database structures.

Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB

Mordhau Ranked

Homepage to be able to see statistics about the game Mordhau ranked game modes through graphs and see individual player's statistics and match history.

Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB

Link: https://github.com/Tom‑Beijner/Mordhau‑RCON

Discord bot made to improve the management of community servers for owners and admins by to provide multiple tools.

Node.js, MongoDB

Link: https://nfd.tombeijner.com/leaderboard

A website with a leaderboard to show player statistics with a simple algorithm to show the score. Presents a large dataset of statistics about players.

Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB

Link: https://ozure.tombeijner.com

High school work, programming, website where you can submit code to cope with challenges with support for several different programming languages. Primarily created to test how a company could build a website with Kubernetes and go more into security how to run code that a user submits with the idea that it might be harmful.

Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB

Link: https://qtron.se

Website for the company Q-tron Audio which has translations, products pages, downloads (manuals), articles and a CMS.


Link: https://abstractlist.tombeijner.com

A website to allow Discord bot owners to promote their bots. Authentication through Discord. Profiles for the users and the bots.

Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB

Link: https://wardenbot.tombeijner.com

Discord moderation bot. Authentication through Discord. Dashboard to manage Discord server configurations

Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB